Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Grown-Up" Cups and Halloween at the Digirolamo's

I gave Dannika some plastic cups to play with this week, and I caught her a few times pretending to drink out of them.
It's funny cause every time I'm drinking something out a cup, she insists on having a sip of it too.
This morning, I had Nick put a little water in her cup to see if she would take it herself...
and she thought she was so "cool"...and it's funny cause normally she will NOT drink water out of her sippy cup. 
I guess I've found my way to get her to drink water.
I put her in her high chair and poured her milk from her sippy cup into her "grown-up" cup...
She drank ALL her milk from it!!
She's just growing so fast...too fast for me :-(

Last night, Nick, Dannika and I were invited to our first Halloween party of the year at the Digiloramo residence!

Becca made some delicious beanless chili...
And of course, the wine was flowing!

What a blast!

The Digiloramos!

us :-)

This is Nick's BFFFL (Best Friends Forever For Life), Ben Boera...Nick's LT....Dannika loves him...he's like THAT Uncle Ben...except for the fact he keeps trying to make her an ASU fan...we all know that I will not let that happen.

Victoria and Jackson (Becca's son) 
I love this picture

The Boera's!

The Roegge's....Lindsay loves wine as much as I do! 

The munchkins

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