Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall is in the Air!

I've been awful about updating lately...
All my fellow bloggers have been seriously slacking on their personal/family blogs themselves...
so I don't feel TOO bad.

Fall time is finally here.
I am totally looking forward to taking Dannika to the pumpkin patch this year...
hot cocoa...
cooler weather (well for California at least).

Dannika is growing and changing everyday!
It's a little crazy.
She is still not a walker...
but she's an official furniture cruiser.
She will have a complete conversation with you now too...well she babbles...if you talk to her
She is also an official self feeder.....
and by self feeder, I mean...

She can eat with a spoon and fork all by herself!!!

As for Nick...
He went back to work last week and is in full swing.
It was so nice having him around all the time,
But I knew it was too good to last :-(
On the bright side, it is definitely nice having him to go to bed with every night.

I love my family...
I love what we are...
I love what we're becoming...

Yes...those are chopsticks in her hand! My mom is a firm believer that Asian children do well in school because they are taught to use chopsticks at an early age...something to do with using motor skills and concentration. I figured since she's already feeding herself with a spoon and fork, I might as well throw in chopsticks. She hasn't quite figured it out yet (obviously), but I'm familiarizing her with them!
We also got a nice visit from one of Nick's best friends from the Marine Corps, Brandon.
Brandon and his family live in Alabama...
So we don't get to see them very often.
I finally got to meet his beautiful wife and her two beautiful children!
It was a short visit, but they were so much fun to hang out with!
I just wished they didn't live so far away from us!

Brandon and Heather
The Original boys of 2/11 Golf Battery...Operation Phanton Fury and the River Blitz in Iraq....this is some serious bromance!

The beautiful Kelsey

The boys

Dannika, Kelsey, and Brice. They were in love with Dannika!

Nick has also started tiling our back porch!!
I'm so lucky to be married to such a handy man!

The built in BBQ is next on the list

Caught digging through her bag

Checking out what's on the tube

My new hair cut...thanks C.V. from Daniel Michael Salon!

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