Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Twenty Ten

Whew...this month has been crazy busy for the Romer clan!
My dear bestie, "betty" just got hired with a P.D. to be a crime fighting badass.
And as happy as I am for her, I'm extremely sad that she will be leaving me here in SoCal :-(
We go way back to the days when she was a Marine at MALS-39.
Man...we've had some fun times together as single women...
It's crazy how time flies and how much things change in just a few short years.
It was literally like 3 years ago when we were tearing up the bars in Carlsbad and San Diego County!
So "Betty"...I'm not gonna get all sentimental on ya (cause we're tough chicks)...
But I am going to tell you that I love you like a sister...and I mean that!
I will definitely come visit you...and that is a PROMISE.
Good luck on your next chapter in life...
You deserve everything good that comes your way!!
Here are some pics from her going away party...Halloween style of course!
This was my other costume...Snooki...because my Greek Goddess costume was extremely itchy and I improvised at the last minute!

Playing flip cup...and I sucked


Nick and I took Dannika trick or treating this year...
It was really for us...cause we have a horrible sweet tooth and wanted free Halloween Candy.
Dannika had so much fun though, and everyone LOVED her.
She was being so sweet and waving goodbye to everyone.
I don't think she quite understood the concept though.

her official first Halloween candy

her trick or treat bag...made by yours truly

One of the houses on the street turned their front yard into one of the most elaborate home made haunted houses I've ever seen! We decided to take Dannika inside...not gonna freaked her and me out! There were like werewolves and crazy people jumping out at us. she was quite the trooper though!

this thing again?!

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