Thursday, October 14, 2010

Petite Little "Thang"

Dannika likes to sit in the kitchen with me while I cook.

I had to put my cooking tongs down for a second to take a few pictures cause she looked so darn cute!
Yes, those are skinny jeans.

On another note...
We had her 15 month well check yesterday...
31 1/2 inches
21 pounds and 1 oz

She is our petite little Miss Thang.

The doctor was worried because she STILL isn't walking yet, and he was SURE that she would be walking by 15 months.
SOOOO....He had us go do another X-Ray to check for developmental issues


She is developmentally....just fine.

She's just taking her time learning to walk, so until she walks, Dr. Shannon wants to see her every month.

I'm ok with that though.
She is feeding herself with a fork and spoon now.
She says actual words
She can point to different body parts when you ask her to.
She's a smart baby :-)

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