Monday, October 18, 2010

The Silver Bullet

Dannika woke up on Sunday morning with a 103 degree fever...

Nick and I aren't really the type of parents that freak out when babies get a little fever,

I called the hospital and talked to the "Kid's Doc"...
She told us to alternate Tylenol and Motrin,
Give her a luke warm bath to cool her off,
If she still has a fever in the morning, bring her in to the ER!

Well, we were woken up this morning at 3am by a screaming baby,
by 530am, I made the decision to take her in...
Nick is on the range this week, so he had to be at the armory by 430am, therefore, he was long gone.

They took her rectal temperature at the hospital (something Dannika DID NOT enjoy)...
Her fever had risen to 104.8 degrees...

Turns out she has a urinary tract infection...
They pumped her with antibiotics and sent us home with a prescription.

She's been doing no bueno all day :-(

And her fever has not gone down..

Here she is being miserable and freezing cold (cause of her fever), and here I am (being the asian that I am), snapping pictures away on my blackberry...poor babygirl.

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