Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy 235th Birthday, Marines!

I was SUPER excited about this year's Tango Battery ball.
1. We actually KNEW people
Thank you Sarah for introducing me to the other amazing Tango wives!
While the boys were deployed, I got to meet (through Sarah...who is Nick's platoon commander's wife) Becca, Lindsay, and Victoria. It was really nice to get to know the other wives who were going through the same thing I was...and Becca was pretty much a "single" mom like me for the entire deployment. They have all become good friends, and it seems like there is never a dull moment with these ladies.
I'm such a lucky girl!

2. We made the decision to NOT go to my ball this year and enjoy Nick's unit's ball

I'm not as close to my unit as I once used to be, and all the people I used to be close with have up and left...typical nature of the Marine Corps that I have yet to get used to.

Nick's ball this year was held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.
The night started off in Ben and Sarah's room.

Ben...aka...Lt Boera was Nick's platoon commander in Afghanistan.
They were roommates...turned "BFF's".
I consider myself extremely blessed that Nick got him as his platoon commander.
I don't think there's ever been an officer that took care of Nick like he has done.
With all "BFF" jokes aside, I know he is someone that Nick really respects and has become such good friends with.
It doesn't help that Dannika loves him...and he loves Dannika.
So thanks to you Lt Boera for taking care of my man!
In about a month, Ben and Sarah will be moving away to Florida since Ben was approved for a flight package in the Marines to become a pilot. 
This ball was their last "Tango" battery function.

I have a TON of pics that are on my facebook, but here are a few of my favorites from the ball...

Nick and Lt Boera

The fab Tango wives

Sarah and I

my handsome Marine...and my hero

I told you there is never a dull moment!! And yes, that is Becca talking on her purple high heel.

The Boeras...Dannika's adopted Uncle Ben

we make beautiful babies

Beautiful Lindsay, and her husband Shon

Dancing the night away

My fairytale


I'm sure you're all wondering, "Where was Dannika?"

Well once again...
My good friend Mrs. Kim Yubeta came to the rescue!!!
Not only did she watch Dannika for us...but

She offered to do my make up.

So thank you for all the compliments I got for my make up, but unfortunately, I am not that talented.
So if anyone wants their hair or make up done, my friend Kim is EXTREMELY talented.
Look for her on my facebook (Kimberly Yubeta).
I'm so lucky to have her as a friend as well!
She is one of the most amazing moms I know and one of THE best Marine wives.
Her husband Sunny was deployed a month after their son was born, and she maintained the house, took care of both of their boys (Devon and Kanoa), and I guarantee you Sunny had the best care packages, letters, and emails out of every Marine on that deployment.
I really admire how strong she is and how supportive she is of her husband.
It's very rare that you find a woman that has so much compassion and commitment to their husband. 
As a Marine wife, those are things that you can not survive without!
Sunny is currently in Virginia going through sniper's school, and Kim has been going through a
"mini deployment" again. are one lucky man!

Dannika got to play with her friend Kanoa who is a month younger than her.
I couldn't believe how big he had gotten since the last time I saw him!!!

Kanoa looks he took a bite out of Dannika's cookie

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