Sunday, November 21, 2010

November, November

This month has been quite the busy month for us!
It was brought up to me by my mother that I hadn't updated my pics or my blog in a while...
So here y'all go!
I'll try and go in chronological order on what's been going on since the Marine Corps Ball!


Nick and I got a 4 day weekend for Veteran's day weekend.
This weekend means a little more in the Romer household than the average household for obvious reasons.

One of Nick's best friend's from Golf Battery, Dannika's Uncle Sully came over to hang out and have a few drinks at our house.
The next day, we all went to Saddleback Community College to the Veteran's Memorial to observe Veteran's Day.
Uncle Sully and Nick...they have quite a relationship.

Veteran's day memorial service...this is Nick's "serious" face...

<3Kari's Baby Shower<3

I have met so many wonderful women this year it's unreal!
I love the new friends I made...the ladies of Tango Battery.
I was introduced to Kari by Becca at her house on Halloween, and she was just too sweet!
Her husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan, and she is due to have her sweet sweet baby girl in January before he gets back.
Becca was so sweet and threw her an awesome baby shower at her house, and Dannika and I got to go.
Great food, friends, games, and party favors.

The toilet paper game...measuring Kari's baby....Victoria won...I think she cheated

Jackson and Dannika playing with Shep

The mama to be...doesn't she look great?!

Jackson visiting Dannika in "Cell Block 6"

"Hey friend, get me outta here!"

The flower that Becca crocheted for even matched her outfit that day!!


Dannika is still not walking yet. Dr Shannon was a little concerned so he had us get her hips x-rayed to make sure there were no developmental issues. The x-rays came back normal and she is fine...just a late bloomer. 
She does stand on her own now though, and that gave us hope that she will walk soon.
Other than her walking, her vocabulary has grown tremendously and she is learning new things everyday!
It's crazy to watch her develop into a little "person"
Even her little tantrums that she throws now (throwing herself backwards on the floor) are cute.
I love hearing saying "uh-oh" when she drops something.
She says Doda...when she sees Dora the Explorer...
She even speaks a little Korean!
Trying out the Korean "podaegi" for the first time...all the way from South Korea!

She LOVES it!


When I say "Touch your head"...she does this

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