Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Fun

It was another busy weekend for the Romers.
Victoria and Gavin had a post ball BBQ at their beautiful new house on Saturday in San Clemente.
There was a ridiculous amount of food...everything from chicken kabobs to steaks to brats to teriyaki! We really stuffed our faces!
Of course Sarah made her famous caramel brownies...always a hit.
Lindsay made this awesome fruit dip that I am definitely making for myself...marshmallow cream and strawberry cream cheese...yuuummmyyy!
And Miss Dannika and I probably had like a pound of Becca's cheesy potato casserole.
I can't quite remember if I posted a blog on this or not, but several weeks ago, Nick, Dannika, and I went to the Boera's house before heading to Phil's BBQ in San Diego.
They have a puppy named Belleau (like the Battle of Belleau Wood) that can best be described as extremely hyper!
Dannika LOVES LOVES LOVES LOVES when she sees one, she is naturally drawn towards them.
Unfortunately for most dogs that aren't around babies all the time, they get very territorial, and they get confused on whether or not this little human being is a person or a dog.
Belleau got a little too excited and knocked Dannika over, and Dannika spent the next few days with a big welt on her head.
It was not a big deal since Nick and I have never been the type of parents that freak out about every bruise and scratch that a kid gets.
It turns out Victoria and Gavin had a very hyper little dog named Roxy as well.
Of course Roxy is not around babies that much either, and once again, Dannika was in love with the dog and started making her way towards Roxy.
Roxy didn't like this little human being/"dog" coming towards her and decided to nip Dannika's face.
I am laughing as I write I a bad mom?? lol.
I think Victoria was more freaked out than Nick or I was.
I almost feel bad cause I wasn't really freaked out...
It's ironic though that Dannika has been wearing her A&M jersey both times that she has been attacked by the
Nick and I have decided that Dannika deserves a purple heart for her battle wounds...haha.

Dannika and Sarah (note the battle wound next to her nose). The monkey hat belongs to Dannika's friend Jackson...she kept it on the majority of the night. It was hilarious...she looked very "special"

"Nice butt Jackson!"


This is Dannika drinking out of Jackson's cup...oy!

Jackson giving Dannika a pat on the back


Nick FINALLY finished the grouting and tiling in our yard.
I am so proud of what he's done and all the hard work he's put into it!

the grass that i killed is slowly coming back to life...

All in a days work!
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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