Saturday, January 15, 2011

{Cedar Creek Park and Gelato}

Nick and I started a ritual to take Dannika to the park every weekend followed by a trip to the gelato/frozen yogurt shop for a treat.
She absolutely loves going there and has so much fun on the playground with the older kids.
It's funny cause some of the 3-4 year olds kept telling her she couldn't play with them cause she's a "baby", but Dannika kept going up to them and "insisting" that they let her play.
It kinda broke my heart when they all left her and ran away.
I seriously almost wanted to go yell at a buncha 3 year olds for being so mean to my little
Parents need to teach their children playground etiquette!

This little boy was really mean to her. He kept telling her, "No babies allowed"

My handsome guy

This was right after the little kids ran away from her...

Walkin around with daddy

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