Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dannika the Big Girl (and an R1)

Just an updated family pic since I realized the only pics I have on here are of Dannika...or Nick.

Dannika will be officially 18 months old on the 12th of this month...that's a whole year and a half!

She is STILL not walking. 
As those of you who know me or keep up with my blog know that this was quite a concern at her last few well checks with Dr. Shannon.
We finally got her hips x-rayed and had some tests done to see if she had any sort of developmental issues with her hips...etc.
She is perfectly normal.
So, I'm not really freaking out about her not walking anymore...I kind of like it in a way cause I feel like she's still my "baby".
She has hit every one of her milestones to the "T" with the exception of walking. 
She has quite an extensive vocabulary for an 18 month old to include short, two word sentences...
She feeds herself with utensils...
She brushes her own teeth...
Not to mention, her sassy attitude.

So...potty training is next on the list...right?
People always tell me that I'll know when she's ready.
While part of me says she is not ready because she can't walk yet...
When she comes up to me and points to her diaper and says "dipey?" when she needs to be changed.
I feel she is ready.

Nick and I decided to take very small baby steps.
We bought her a potty a while back, but until recently, we hadn't put her on it.
She enjoys sitting on it....just to sit on it...she'll sit on it with her diaper on and just laugh and smile.
It's quite funny to watch actually
But she hasn't quite grasped the concept that you have to pee and poop in it (did I just use the words "pee" and "poop"??...oh gawd...I did).
The other morning, Nick caught her making the "poop" face (faces babies make when they are doing number 2).
So we ripped her diaper off and rushed her to her potty....

She was not happy...
But 15 minutes later...we had a little "pooplet" in the toilet...and yes...I said pooplet...don't judge me!
*on a totally random note: look how cute her lion jammies are! The mouth is actually a flap that opens up and you can see the inside of his mouth...Dannika says "Rawr" when she wears them*

And some more Dannika Jane...

She is quite the DIVA...those are put pink toenails. She sat very still the whole time I was painting them...then afterwards, she decided to help me blow on her toes to make them dry.

Did I mention she was sassy??? This is her throwing a tantrum.

She always eats rice with a's funny to watch her carefully pick up the rice with the spoon, but for some reason, when it comes to spaghetti...she'd rather use her hands.

Nick and I own a bike.
Not a pedal bike.
A motorcycle.
Not just a motorcycle.
But a crotch rocket.
Not just ANY crotch rocket.

It is a 2008 Yamaha R1 that we I bought brand new in 2008...

Yes...if Nick ever wanted to run off on me, the bike belongs to ME!
Before we had the baby,
We used to go riding quite a bit on the weekends up and down coast highway.
Yes...those were the days...
Once Miss Dannika Jane made her appearance into our lives, we have ridden ONCE.
Nick rides it to work to save gas sometimes.
Either way...
When Nick left for Afghanistan at the beginning of last year, I stored the bike in our garage and that was it!
I didn't start it up...
I didn't do ANYTHING with it.
I guess he was looking forward to riding it when he got home...
But his wonderful, beautiful, awesome wife didn't maintain it...
and the registration expired on it...
then we went on vacation...
So he hasn't ridden it yet....
We FINALLY got it registered last week and got it cleaned up.
She is ALMOST back in business...
After we get the oil changed in it :-)

Isn't she a beaut?

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