Sunday, January 23, 2011

Empty Nest Syndrome

Nick left for Bridgeport this weekend :-(
Tango Battery is headed out there next month for cold weather training.
Nick and two of his LT's got to be so lucky to go out there this week to do a site survey before the entire battery goes out there.
I knew that all the time I was getting to spend with him since he got back from Afghanistan was soon gonna come to end as the battery starts training again for their deployment BACK to Afghanistan (January 2012).
I guess that's one part of the Marine Corps that I will never get used to....

"Even when they're home, they're always gone..."

Even though the house seems like it's missing something everytime he's gone...Dannika and I have made the best of it!
We are both extremely proud of Nick and everything that he does for us!

Just some pictures of Dannika and I goofing off this weekend

"Gosh, my mom is such a loser!"

Dannika LOVES seeing her daddy walk through the door from work every night. I seriously think it's her favorite part of the day!

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