Thursday, January 6, 2011

oVerALLs and COOOOkies

I've always wanted to buy Dannika a really cute pair of overalls.
A few months ago I bought a pair of short overalls from Baby Gap.
I wasn't a fan of them.
The jean material was too thick, and Dannika's chunky thighs barely fit through the shorts.
So she wore them like 3 times total before I gave up and let the 30 dollars I spent on them go to waste.
Since the weather has been getting cooler here (for Southern Cali), I realized that my poor baby had hardly ANY Winter clothes.
I went to Target and found the cutest pair of overalls and shirts for half the price of what I pay at Baby Gap for her clothes.
The jean material is soooo soft, and they look comfy enough for me to want a pair to sleep in!

Here's the thing...

I KNOW how much of a waste of money it is to shop designer brands or just brand name clothes for babies...

I just can't help spoiling my little lady sometimes. for the cookie part of the blog.
Dannika calls her cookies, "deetis" (or at least it sounds like that).
For you moms out there, you know that all of Gerber's treats come in yellow boxes.
Anytime Dannika sees a yellow box she starts saying "deetis"...which I guess to her sounds like "cookies".
And she will continue saying it until she gets what she wants. 
It's kinda funny until you realize you've given her like half the bag of Gerber animal accident cause she's so cute when she's asking for something.

She also says "peas" (please) now.
But she has this strange idea that if she says please, we will ALWAYS give her what she wants....
We are in trouble..
I can just see it now when she's 16 and pointing at a brand new shiny red Mustang (like my first car) and saying "peas?"

And Nick...being the softy that he is with her will say, "ok."...
without my consent of course...
and when I get home that day, there will be a shiny new Mustang parked in our driveway...


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  1. Cute and Nice Overalls for Baby. thanks for sharing it.


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