Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend...over :-(

Sundays and I have a LOVE/HATE relationship.
I <3 the fact that it's STILL the weekend, and usually it's a family day...
I hate the fact that it's day before the beginning of the next work day.

Nick found an awesome little park just 5 minutes away from our house in Dana Point.
Today just felt like a perfect day to take Dannika to the park to check it out.
The weather was perfect "Fall" weather...even though it's January (hey...we're in Southern California!)
Dannika is finally at the age where she has fun when we take her to the park.
Afterwards, we went to a cute little gelato shop in historic San Juan for ice cream. 
It was a nice Sunday...days like this...I wouldn't trade for the world :-)

Swing me, daddy!

She LOVES the you can see by her face

The see saw was also a hit today

Such a daddy's girl

Watching Nick Jr. after a day at the park with her blankie (she's had it since birth!)

That's how you know she's tired...when she sucks on her two fingers with her little blankie

Just leave me alone mom...I'm trying to relax

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