Saturday, February 19, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing aDvEnTuRe!

One of Nick's favorite hobbies in the entire world is to fish...
to be specific, freshwater bass fishing.
This Valentine's Day, I decided to plan a half day deep sea fishing trip right off the coast of Dana Point for him.
He sacrifices so much to be a great father and husband (not to mention the most badass Marine), that when he told me that he couldn't remember the last time he went fishing, I knew I hit the jackpot with this one!
As much complaining I do about California sometimes, I CAN NOT complain about living a 5 minute drive away from one of America's most beautiful coastline.
We had some heavy rainfall this week and we were expecting today to be a wet and rainy fishing trip.
Thank the Lord!
He blessed us with clear sunny skies with 70 degree temps. 
The water was extremely choppy due to the weather the past few days which caused some serious sea sickness for Nick (including a Snickers bar he threw up).
I guess being a Marine and being considered amphibious didn't really apply to Nick today.
We also did not catch a single fish....although our little fishing boat caught about 12 sea bass. 
Either way, we had a blast.
It didn't start getting windy, cold, and rainy again until the very end on our way back to shore.

I'm married to a former drill instructor...why would you be so surprised he's doing sword manual with a fishing pole???

It was rainy when we first got there.

the weather cleared up right be before we left

Beautiful Southern California in February

I live here!!!!!!! In fact, I'm living a dream owning a townhouse here...this is the REAL OC!

Getting live bait

a little seal we saw...

So cool how the water turns this crystal aqua color when you get past the drop off in the ocean

My poor sea sick husband.

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