Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Even When They're Home, They're Always Gone...USMC

Nick left for Bridgeport, CA today for cold weather and mountain warfare training.
He's only gone for a month, but for a military couple who spends every other year apart for more than half the year from each other because of deployments, a month is a big chunk out of time.
Time is precious in a military family....

Fortunately, my mom is coming out in 2 weeks to visit us for about a week and a half, and I'm hoping that makes the time go by faster. 

This last weekend, we just spent spending as much time together as possible before our separation.
There's nothing I cherish more than family time.

Dannika and Daddy paying bills...well Dannika isn't paying bills. Nick is so awesome cause he made sure ALL the bills were taken care of so I wouldn't have to worry about them before he left.

My beautiful angel

you an be jealous.
When I got home from dropping Nick off at the airport this morning, I was feeling really down in the dumps (missing him)...
And coming home to this note that he secretly slipped onto the dining room table totally made my day.

I love how he thinks of the little things. 

What a guy, what a guy!

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