Thursday, February 24, 2011

Murphy's Law

You know Murphy's Law?
It always happens to me when Nick is gone. 
For instance:

Last year, within a month of him deploying, I backed my brand new Mercedes into a Scion in the parking lot of my work.

Same time...Nick's beloved Chevy that he NEVER had problems with decided to take a shit. Throughout the rest of the deployment, his truck gave me so many problems.

EVERYTIME Nick leaves...whether it be for 7 months, a week, or a month...
Dannika becomes the child from hell.

credit card fraud

friends "borrowing" large amounts of money for totally different reasons than what they tell you.

family drama...


That crap ALWAYS happens when they leave!

Well, Nick left on Tuesday for Bridgeport, and the week seemed to be going pretty smoothly. 

until today...

I walked in our guest bathroom and realized that our bathtub's faucet was totally missing. 
I had totally forgotten that it broke, and Nick didn't fix it before he left.
It's not a big deal since I don't use that bathroom, but it IS a big deal because my mom is coming out here in a week, and she'll be the one using that bathroom!

That's not all...

I noticed this morning that the water in the toilet of my guest bathroom was super low...but I didn't think anything of it.
I was showering today after my workout and realized that my shower drain was backing up as well.
I took Nick's advice and poured baking soda and vinegar down the drain.
It seemed to help until I realized the toilet in the guest bathroom was bubbling and the drain in my shower was NOT draining properly.
I tried plunging the toilet and it did nothing so....
I flushed the toilet in the guest bathroom...annnnnd....
it flooded my bathroom....

FML, right???!!!

AND, I had a clogged drain in my shower...the ONLY shower that works in our house since the guest shower has no faucet (thanks to my husband...whom I love with all my heart no matter what).
I called a plumber...
250 bucks later...
he unclogged my mainline. 

You know what's embarrassing??!!
I had to hear from a somewhat goodlooking plumber that it was "female products" that clogged everything.
it wouldn't have been embarrassing cause I probably wouldn't have even seen what the plumber looked like...Nick deals with all that crap...BUT I had to do all the talking...and he really was a pretty good looking guy (NOT as hot as my husband) I was like oh great. I wanted to tell him...oh I don't use tampons...but I'm sure he's heard that embarrassing.

If it were some big heinous ugly guy telling me about the "female products" clogging my drain, I really wouldn't have cared.

Don't you just love my life?

I hope y'all got a great laugh out of this cause I'm laughing now.

And I won't leave ya hangin''s a pic of Dannika and Nick...
One of my favorite of them. He just looks so happy to be a father and Dannika's expression is PRICELESS.
She was only 3 months old in this picture!
Photo credit goes to:
(now located in South Carolina)

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