Monday, February 7, 2011

Reagan's Centennial

In 2004, Nick was with 2nd Battalion 11th Marines Golf Battery.
He had the privilege to do the 21 Howitzer gun salute for President Ronald Reagan's funeral...a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

7 years later...

5th Battalion 11th Marines Tango Battery were tasked to perform the 21 gun salute for his 100th birthday celebration.
What an honor. 

It was especially special to Nick because he is the ONLY Marine in the Marine Corps to get to do both the 21 gun salute for his funeral AND his Centennial.

Nick fired this actual round (the 21st round) he is holding below at his  funeral...
At his Centennial, Nick was the Battery Gunny for his Marines..
I'm so proud of him!

This is Nick holding the shell of the last round fired at President Ronald Reagan's funeral.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan

Nick marching his platoon

105mm Howitzer.

Tango Battery

Marching his platoon

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