Sunday, February 27, 2011

Slumber Party

I must admit, that being a "stay at home mommy" for the last week and half has been probably the best week and a half ever!
I absolutely LOVE spending every day with my little peanut.
This weekend was quite an eventful one for Dannika and I, and we are absolutely tired!
It was well worth it though :-)
Last night, Dannika and I went over to aunt Kari's house on base to meet up with all the Marine wives (Becca, Victoria, Lindsay, and Kari) and my friend Lauren...and Kari's friends Wendy and Jessica...whew...hope I didn't miss anyone! (oh oops...of course Jackson).
It's never the same at our get togethers since the Boera's left, but Sarah was there in spirit :-)
We decided we were all in need of a girls night, but since ALL of our husbands are either deployed or freezing their butts off up North, we don't have anyone to watch our
We decided to make a slumber party out of it so that we could have some wine and not have to worry about driving home (DRINKING AND DRIVING IS SELFISH AND DANGEROUS!).
The drinks flowed and the conversations were hYsTeRiCaL.
As you can imagine, when you get a buncha Marine wives (well just women in general) together who's husbands all work in the same unit, the stories are just hilarious.
We are a pretty animated bunch too, I must say. 
I also think that Dannika has made it a mission to walk everywhere since spending an entire evening with Jackson.
She has been walking like CRAZY since last night.
Those two are so cute together and watching them play is hilarious.

Today we just spent the day in our jammies lounging around...
We got breakfast and Mickey D's and came home to do nothing.
I didn't even go the gym (insert shocking *gasp* here).
Dannika was pretty tired too so we sat on the couch and watched TV all day and vegged out. 
It was awesome.
Becca has all the pictures from our little party, so I will have to post them later.

Here are some you can enjoy of Dannika from this weekend :-)
This was Saturday morning. She was watching Nick Jr. and cuddling with her blankie on the couch.

This is her singing along with Nick Jr.

Singing and dancing

I heard this little cry coming from her bedroom today, and I ran in to find her sitting in her laundry basket.

And me being the mean mommy that I am went and busted out my camera to take pictures of her.


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