Friday, February 25, 2011


Today was quite a busy busy day for Dannika and I.
I took Dannika to a Gymboree music and play class today.
I've always wanted to do it with her, but being a working mom, it's hard to take a random day of the week and take her to an hour long 10am class!
Wow...she has never had so much fun in her life!
It was a toddler's heaven there!
Everything was padded, and they had slides, music, dancing, games, and activities.
I never get to see how Dannika interacts with other children because I am at work when she is in daycare, and after watching her today, I realized how independent she is!
She is not intimidated by older and bigger kids.
She doesn't care when someone takes her toy from her (she's just like "whatever", and moves on)
Going there today really made me realize just how much I can't wait to be a stay at home mom so I can take her to things like that and spend time with her everyday.

Here's a short video of our day...

Parachute and bubbles game

After our fun time at Gymboree, Dannika and I met up with Becca and Jackson, and Lindsay and her friend Sarah for lunch at Applebee's down in Oceanside.
I enjoyed having some "girl time"...
Being a girly girl in the Marine Corps makes it hard to find "girl time".
I mean...let's face it...I'm surrounded by perverted, loud, gross, and obnoxious boys all day long (but if you need any advice about what guys think and say about you when they are at work...let me know...I know it all!)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my girl time.
and Dannika had fun playing with Jackson.


Dannika and I headed the Mission Viejo Mall to meet up with her two "aunts", Melissa and Victoria!
I got to do some shopping (WHICH I hadn't planned) with Victoria.
Dannika got to spend time with her BFFA *Best Friend Forever Aunt*, Melissa.
Dannika is a genuinely a really good baby, but Melissa has a way with her that I don't see often with other women.
Dannika absolutely LOVES LOVES LOVES her!!!!

Today is Dannika's "Uncle Sully's" Birthday!!!!
His girlfriend, Fritzie (whom I've never met until today!) contacted me via facebook (thank God for facebook) a week ago inviting us to a surprise birthday for him.
Ryan and Nick have a really cool and special bond.
They were together in the Battle of Fallujah, and have become really close in the years following.
Ryan is the reason that Nick and I are married today!!!!!!!
Ryan is like family to us and is an extremely important part of our lives.
He's been there for me when Nick was deployed, and Nick and him have a mutual give and take relationship.
Ryan's never had a surprise party, and since Nick can't be there, I had the represent the Romers!
Fritzie did an AWESOME job with the surprise, and Dannika was ECSTATIC to get to see her Uncle Sully!!!

So all in all...

Today was a very busy yet productive day for the Romer girls. 

We love you, Nick!!!
Can't wait till you, Steve, and Gavin get home from Bridgeport!!!

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