Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Marine Princess

Meet Jackson Andrew Digirolamo.
This is Dannika's boyfriend (shh...don't tell her daddy), and THIS photo is going on their Save the

Jackson is the adorable 13 month old son of my friends Becca and Steve.
He is such a ham.
Dannika's a few months older, so I guess that makes her a "cougar" to Jackson.
The first few times they played together, Jackson wanted to play with her so badly, and Dannika would not give him the time of day.
But she has matured, and she has quit playing

He was over at our house on St. Patty's Day cause Becca had a doctor's appt.
These two just cracked me up!
They couldn't stop dancing together!!!
Dancin' fools

Follow the leader? Nick would be upset cause they are "out of step".

As for TODAY....

I originally wanted to take Dannika to Disneyland, but my mom and I both came to the conclusion that she's too young right now.
I also want to be able to take here there with Nick. 
It means a lot to him...and he's already missed so much.
So we're gonna wait till Jackson turns 2 next Spring, and we'll take them together!

I figured Chuck E. Cheese was more age appropriate, so we took her today.
While it wasn't as "age appropriate" as I thought, she still had a blast.
We got more compliments on how adorable she was than I needed!!!!!!

playing skee ball.

She actually just wanted to throw them everywhere BUT the lane.

future NASCAR driver...she was obsessed with the car games...and NO...She was NOT named after Danica Patrick

She was originally scared to death of the rides, but she warmed up to them.

Hungry baby.

And of course....
Her Gigi took her out in the backyard to play tonight...even though it was like 50 degrees with NO sun.
Dannika Gigi complied.

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