Friday, March 4, 2011

Murphy's Law Strikes Again

Remember my post titled "Murphy's Law"?
Since that post...
Life hasn't been too bad....

Until TODAY...

So, I 've been driving Nick's truck to work this week because my car is not registered on base yet.
I know it is in dire need of an oil change because that is one thing Nick wanted me to get done while he was away (which I haven't done yet...).
Well this morning started off with a screaming, cranky, teething baby.
In fact, I was thrilled to be dropping her off at daycare this morning.
Well, I was running late for work, and as I was rushing to daycare, I realized halfway there that I didn't have my wallet.
I started searching the truck (while driving) for it.
I started panicking and decided to turn around to go home...making me even LATER than I already was.
The last time I recalled using my wallet was last night at the grocery store.
I frantically called the grocery store asking if I had left it there on my way back home.
While I was on hold with them, I came home to find my wallet sitting in my dining room...go figure.

So I dropped Dannika off and was speeding to base.

Once I get on base, it takes me a good 25 minutes to get to the air station where I work.

I noticed this strange light on the dashboard come on as soon as I got on base, but didn't think anything of it.
I figured it was because I hadn't changed the oil yet.
I kept telling myself "I'm driving a Toyota...they're like totally reliable. You can probably drive it for 15k miles before you REALLY need an oil change".

25 minutes later...
By the time I go to work...
I realized I had been driving 50mph for 25 minutes on a flat tire....FML!!!!

I'm so thankful for a random Marine that was driving by named Cpl Garza (Garcia?!?) who happened to drive the same truck that Nick's truck is.
He began to put the spare on for me..........
But the factory jack that came with the truck doesn't raise the truck high enough for the fully inflated tire to go on the truck.
It was a disaster...

Since we are both Marines, we improvised, adapted, and overcame, but by putting a two by four under the jack to give it an extra 2 inches.


So after checking in...and checking back out on leave, I took Nick's truck to Firestone at mainside on base to buy a new tire for it.
They told me that they didn't have the tire, but they had a BETTER one than the ones that I had.
So....I said ok. 
I was so tired at that point.
I was just ready to get a tire, go home, take a nap, pick up Dannika from daycare, and just relax on my Friday night.

After getting the new tire, and driving ALL the way home (an hour and 15 minutes away)...
I realized that they had put an All-terrain tire on the truck.
Nick's new truck does NOT have all terrain tires...
It looked SO awkward.
It looked wrong.
It looked awful.

So I called a Firestone closer to my house to explain my situation.
They told me to bring it in and that they would replace the tire for me and repay me back for the difference.
This was 4 in the afternoon....
I hopped in the truck, had to stop for gas (which I paid 4.09 a gallon for....81dollars), got to Dannika's daycare, threw her in the truck (well not literally), and fought traffic for 30 minutes to get to firestone which was only 8 miles away....
I waited in the lobby for an hour at Firestone for them to replace Nick's tire.
I left Firestone at 6:30 in the evening with a new tire.


Praise Jesus that I am on LEAVE.

Here is a beautiful picture of my daughter this morning for the ONE minute she was being cute...

and in true Hollywood Awards season...

Me: Dannika Jane, you look fabulous!
Dannika: Oh thank you so much, mom! You look fabulous as well. That woodland cammie print looks FABULOUS on you.
Me: Oh Dannika, thank you so much. You don't have to lie...haha. So can you tell us what you are wearing?
Dannika: Of course. My dress is a dalmation print one piece made by Baby Gap. The red leggings are from the baby department at Nordstrom's. My jewelery is from Jared's Gallery of Jewelery in Mission Viejo. 

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