Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Day as a Crafter

handmade projects

So today, I went on a journey to Michael's.
I love that place.
I decided to make a homemade growth chart for Dannika.
Since she walks now, I figured it was a good time to start marking her progress!

I suck at doing craft tutorials, but I'll try and describe how I made this the best I can.

I bought 3 pieces of corkboard, and one of those pieces of cork that you can roll out and just stick to anything.
I used to sticky cork to hold the 3 separate pieces together (so i covered the top of the 3 with the roll on cork so I had a straight board)

*I chose to do corkboard cause I wanted to use cute thumbtacks to mark her growth*

Then I took it outside, and sprayed the spray on adhesive on it.
I put the scrapbook paper down on top of it as my background.
I border and the bows are made out of ribbon.
Her initials are wooden prepainted letters (like 3 bucks each).
The ruler on the side is actually a measuring tape used for sewing. I cut it at 11 inches (to hang it 11 inches high from the floor), and just hot glued everything on.
The numbers on her birthday are simply sparkly puffy stickers.

It was super easy.
Super fun.
It's divalicious. 
It fits Dannika's personality :-)

I cut the tags out of the leftover scrapbook paper and wrote all her stats on them and thumbtacked them in!

Don't let her expression fool you...she's actually really excited about it

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