Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Teething Angel

I really hope you don't read our blog, Fred...
cause that's kinda creepy...you would officially be a stalker...and since I have no idea who you are...we would appreciate it if you would just stop talking our blog...thanks...

(sorry y'all...we have a crazy weird random blog stalker...)

I honestly thought that my teething baby nightmares were over.
When Dannika got her molars (the last set of teeth she got), I had NO problems.
In fact, we didn't even realize they were coming in.
It's a big difference from her other teeth because as an infant, teething was a nightmare (and trust me, I remember because I was dealing with it all by myself because Nick was deployed).
Dannika is getting her canines and her 2 year molars.
She woke up today with a little fever so I decided not to take her to daycare.
We stayed home together, and it was no relaxing mommy and me day.
She has been the BIGGEST diva ever (and no, Becca...not the good kind of diva).
(My friend Becca calls Dannika the "good" kind of diva...is there really such a thing??? lol)
It is only fitting that she would go through this when daddy is away.

Nick always gets to miss the "unfun" parts of parenting....

no fair :-(

In fact, he got to do some skiing today up in Bridgeport.
Granted, it's "combat skiing"...
But I think I'd rather be skiing than dealing with my nightmare of a child.

She is throwing a tantrum here for no reason.

And in true fashion...
Instead of going to console her...
I broke out the camera to take pictures...

Don't worry...I held her and hugged her afterwards :-)

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