Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This last weekend, I was invited to celebrate the birthdays and farewell of Dore, Gloria, and Kevin.
Kevin leaves for Afghanistan this week :-(

{{**(keep him in your prayers!)**}}

It was a SURPRISE party put together by their other 4 children, Melissa, Marty, Jake, and Jeff.
Marty flew all the way from New York!
It was an absolute success!
They had NO idea what was coming, and I must say the looks on their faces when they saw everyone.
They were expecting just a family night out at the the Whitehouse in Laguna Beach for dancing and drinks.
It was so much fun, and I wish Nick woulda been here for it!
This is Jeff...the second to youngest of the 5 Gilbert children.
Photo credit goes to Melissa Gilbert. She was like paprazzi! and that creepy guy in the back...that's Jake :-) The middle child.
the beautiful Melissa!

Today, I decided to take my mom to downtown San Juan Capistrano.
She wanted to check out the antique shops down there and just take a walk (we live a 20 minute walk away from historic San Juan Capistrano).
It was exhausting, but fun. 
Dannika enjoyed the sunshine and the really nice weather we had.
We stopped and had lunch at Ruby's diner before heading back home.
She was sitting in a big girl booster seat and not a high chair!
Yes, that is a corndog...but not a regular gross corn dog...it is made of TURKEY...AND she had sliced apples instead of fries.
She was tearing it up!
she's a good eater
Not the greatest expression, but look how cute her outfit is!!!

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