Sunday, March 6, 2011

We Have a Walker!

This weekend, Dannika became an OFFICIAL walker.
What I mean by that is, she refuses to really crawl anymore....she walks EVERYWHERE.
In fact, she is so proud of her new found skill that she hasn't taken a nap all weekend because she is so busy walking everywhere!
I am so thrilled, and I can finally breathe.
Nick and I were so worried that she had something wrong with her (even after being told there wasn't anything wrong....many many times).
She is still ahead of her peer group when it comes to talking, and that makes me happy.
She can make two word sentences, and she can identify objects when you ask her to bring them to you.

We can't wait till Nick gets back to see all her cool new tricks!

Just woke up

This her in her baby Converse sneakers.

Her Ecco Mary Janes

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