Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Saturday @ Home

Our family has spent today just putting our house back together. is not COMPLETELY done yet..

but almost :-)

The contractors are coming back next week to do last minute touch ups.
We got our furniture back in our living room and I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to do some redecorating and rearranging.

I am a little obsessed with interior design, and have been glued on Google keyword : "home decorating tips".

I thought I'd share my biggest pet peeve when it comes to people decorating their homes...

 * When you hang things on your walls, make sure they are EYE LEVEL!! There is nothing I can't stand more than walking into a home, and everything his hung up SO high. If I have to look up at it or stand on my toes to figure out who is in the photograph that you hung up, chances are, you need to lower it! Also, hanging things eye level will make your ceilings look higher. The purpose of hanging things on your wall are for your guests and your family to enjoy and look at.*

So there's my "Martha Stewart" tip for the day.

And of course, some pictures from today of my little one playing outside with daddy.

She's a woman on a mission!

My loves

This is our neighbor's house (JoAnne and Mike). They are so nice to watch Dannika for us anytime Nick and I need a "date night". Dannika ABSOLUTELY LOVES THEM!! Everytime we go outside, if she see's Mike's truck in the garage, she insists on going over and knocking on their door. So cute.

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