Saturday, April 16, 2011


My house is STILL not done...


The contractors that are working on my house couldn't find a perfect match for our hardwood floors that they pulled up, so they are replacing our ENTIRE house's floor.

The BEST part is that the hardwood that they found that was a close resemblence to what we had is actually a better quality floor, AND we don't have to pay for ANY OF IT!

There is always a silver lining.
Praise Jesus!

Hopefully, everything will be 100% complete by Tuesday!

Keep our family in your prayers!

I also started work again after a glorious month of leave.
I was sad to go back after spending all the time that I did with Dannika, but it's been nice.
I forgot how much I love being around junior Marines (since we really didn't have them on recruiting duty...except for the occasional boot camp graduate). 

Like always, I have my complaints about work, but I'll try and be positive and keep them to myself!


We took Dannika to see the Easter Bunny last weekend.
She was scared of him...
I guess last year, she really didn't know what was going on so we ended with a decent pic...
Easter 2010 / Dannika 9 months old


Easter 2011 / 21 months old
They make for fabulous memories :-)

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