Monday, May 16, 2011

Crossfit and God

I've always considered myself a "runner".
Not the typical leisurely runner that runs a 2 or 3 miles a day...
Ask anyone who truly knows me...
They would call me insane :-)

I used to run 8-10 miles...

I ran 3 miles a day in Iraq...which 3 miles isn't a lot...but.... 130-140 degree heat....

I used to run 6-12 miles a day in the middle of Summer in Japan...when i'ts 105 degrees with 110% humidity.

I'm obsessed with running.
I get a good "HIGH" from it.

All the crazy running I've been doing has caused some serious knee injuries...
really bad injuries.

I discovered Crossfit on recruiting duty (my CO was hardcore about it).
If you don't know anything about...just check out the website.

yes...most of the exercises require a lot of bending at the knee and squats and whatever else that could further injure me.

But it's so awesome because the workouts are short and INTENSE.
It's not me running and constantly pounding on my knee for 2-3 hours...
It's just a little beating on my knee for 20 minutes :-)

I love it.

a 20 minute crossfit work out feels like a 6 mile run.
I've never been in better shape :-)




I recently had an old friend of mine from the "old" MALS-39 post a comment on my facebook saying "Since when did you become all religious?"

At first I was UPSET.

My first thought was...
"I've ALWAYS been a Christian. How dare you...."

After thinking and praying...
I realized that he knew me during a time in my life when God was a distant figure in my life.

I've never NOT believed in God.
I've just had some "hiccups" in life that led me away from him. 

Lately, my tweets and facebook posts have had connotations to "God"....


I haven't always done this...

But this is the first time in my life that I've been genuinely excited about my newfound relationship with the Lord.
I'm excited like when someone buys a new car...
They want to brag about it.
I want to brag about it.
I notice the good things in life are because of Him....

and lastly...

We sang this song at church on Sunday and it's been in my head non-stop...

Savior I come

Quiet my soul remember

Redemptions hill

Where Your blood was spilled

For my ransom

Everything I once held dear

I count it all as lost

Lead me to the cross

Where Your love poured out

Bring me to my knees

Lord I lay me down

Rid me of myself

I belong to You

oh Lead me, lead me to the cross

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  1. I really loved your religious view and crossfit workout.But is that view of killing kitten true? But I think you deserve the best shoes for crossfit as you have this much fascination over crossfit.


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