Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marilyn Merlot and the Rapture

Meet Marilyn "Merlot"...
Nick, Steve, and Gavin bought this wine for Becca and I on Saturday.
They thought it was so clever and so great (I guess it is pretty clever).
Nick claimed it was "vintage" because it was 2004.
I must say was delish...delish enough that Becca and I finished it off together...
I might have had a few more glasses than her...
a few too many...haha.

We spent Saturday morning driving ALL THE WAY to Menifee, CA (think Inland Empire).
Nick's friend Tommy's son, Logan was having a birthday party.
We have flaked on Tommy a few times for playdates and such, and so he gave us a month's notice about his son's birthday.
There were NO excuses for us to miss it.
We made the drive out there, and as much as I was dreading it (I wanted to cancel, but Nick said no), I ended up having a good time.
Tommy is Korean and thank God for Korean bbq!
The food was amazing and there was SO MUCH!
We left the party a little early to head over the Conolly/Reed residence for yet ANOTHER BBQ!
They boys played volleyball in the freezing pool for a few hours while Becca, Jackson, Dannika, and I just hung out, ate, and talked. 

While we had no intention of drinking...

We all ended up having a few too many.

Being the responsible adults that we are, we didn't go home, and all of us crashed (babies and all) at their house.

I haven't partied quite like that in YEARS! 

But all in all, it was a wonderful night filled with great food, friends, and a friendly game of Texas Hold 'Em that Nick, Becca, and I apparently weren't too good at :-)

And if the rapture happened...
that sucks that Dannika, Nick and I are still here and didn't go to heaven...darn :-(

Here's our silly little girl...

That is a mixing bowl on her head.

"Here mom, you try it!"

I have no caption for this one...

And lastly...
I forgot to post these pictures I took.
The Yubeta's celebrated their 3rd wedding Anniversary last weekend, and we forced them to drop off their two beautiful sons with us so that they could enjoy an evening ALONE!

Kanoa and Devon
Kanoa and Dannika's beautiful artwork
Dannika looks so lost...but Kanoa and Devon look great!

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