Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mike's Challenge...Against the Corps

Mike is Melissa {Gilbert}'s boyfriend.
I met him for the 1st time while Nick was in Afghanistan.
He's such a sweet and funny guy!

Nick FINALLY got to meet him a few weeks ago...
Imagine that.
I've known Mike for almost a year now...

After telling Mike a few Sundays ago at a "dinner date" with the Gilbert family about Dore (LtCol Gilbert) and Nick's Saturday adventure doing the O-Course, Mike wanted to try it.
Nick took an hour off work to introduce him to the famous...

"Marine Corps Obstacle Course" (dun dun duun)

Melissa came with him to take pictures...

Unfortunately , I couldn't be there cause of work :-(
I kept texting Nick to see how it was going.
He said Mike did awesome and better than some Marines he knew!
What a S-T-U-D!

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