Friday, May 20, 2011

My Marine Corps Life

I've always LOVED being a in the Marine Corps.
I LOVED to deploy.
I LOVED being gone for a month or two to go train to deploy in some crazy new place.
In fact...
Those were some of the best times of my life.
I used to beg to deploy and beg to leave.

Funny how life changes when you have a child.
I think it's different for mothers.
I spend all day long looking at the clock and waiting to see when I can go home to see my daughter.
Don't get me wrong...
There are a TON of Marine Moms(oorah) out there who are AMAZING and doing an AWESOME job raising a family while working in one of the most demanding jobs in the world!
For the mothers out there in the Marines that are making it happen...WOW...You are S-T-R-O-N-G.

It's not for everyone.

including me.

I never thought I'd say that in a million years.

I can't wait to get out.
It's not that I don't like being a Marine...

I just don't like being away from my baby...
I don't like missing milestones...
and I DEFINITELY could not see myself DEPLOYING for 7 months and missing that chunk of her life. 

Everything happens for a reason.

I have had knee problems for 6 years now.
I never complained about it because I didn't want to be non-deployable 
*Marines with medical issues can not deploy*
It got really bad in the last 2 years though.

I'm a runner.
I run a lot.
I run more than the average person.
I run more than my body can handle.
I ran until the week before I gave BIRTH.

This causes injuries.

I finally had an MRI done last month and got the results this week.
I have cartilage damage in my knee.
Cartilage damage is non repairable.
That means...
I can't stay in the Marine Corps.

I am on a limited duty board....
It'll probably be another year before they finally process me out...

But until then....

I'm still here.

It's a blessing in disguise...

and LASTLY...

Dannika has decided to try and learn to start dressing herself.
I caught her trying to put her pants on the other day....
Sorry for the crappy photo was taken with my IPad.

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