Saturday, May 7, 2011

One Week Too Long

This was such a long week...
Just ONE week that Nick was in the field.

I'm still trying to remember how the heck I made it through last year's deployment for 7 MONTHS with a newborn! 

Nick surprised me last night and came home a day early.


Today, we finished up decorating our house (although there's still a lot to do), and I got a little crossfit work out in.

fun day :-)

Burpees...painful burpees...

By this time, I was so freaking exhausted...I could barely do a push up!

My Ethan Allen inspired living room.  Just a word of loveseat is not centered on the wall that it is against and I thought long and hard about how to work out the balance on what to hang on that wall. I found these gorgeous black and white canvas prints that worked perfectly with my off centered loveseat.

I love having my boo home

my babygirl and I

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