Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Do LtCols in the Army and SSgts in the Marines Do For Fun?

The O-Course of course

PT, PT, Everyday...

Dr. Gilbert AKA Dore AKA LtCol Gilbert asked Nick to take him on base this weekend so that he could practice on his rope climb.
They had gone previously before, and Nick being the overachiever that he is, took him to the Recon O-Course. 
 The Recon O-Course happens to be slightly larger and harder than the average Marine Corps O-Course.
The average Marine Corps O-Course is freaking hard as it is!!
Imagine a first timer going to do that...but add a foot to it!


This time, we ended up at the Camp Horno O-Course....
not on purpose...
but because the Recon O-Course had an accident on it.

Dannika and I just tagged along to watch and take pictures for Dore. 
He OWNED that rope!
Might I add (not to make anyone feel bad) that he is 61?!?!?!

Gettin' Ready to C*L*I*M*B


Feeling of accomplishment

Show off

Gotta start 'em young.

the "College Boy" roll

another shot of the "College Boy" roll

Conquering the wall

Great day at the O-Course


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  1. Thanks so much for cataloging our day at the O course. It was fun to spend it with all the Romers. See you for dinner manana.


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