Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anniversary Night Details

Here we are...3 years later...and still as in love as we were 3 years ago :-)
Our evening started off with dropping off Dannika with the most wonderful neighbors in the world, Lisa, JoAnne, and Mike

then for some fooooood 
One of my ALL TIME favorite restaurants in San Juan Capistrano.
I could eat there every day.

 This is what I had. 
Dr. Rick's Salad
(mushrooms, sprin mix lettuce, tomatoes, and goat cheese wrapped in prosciutto...mmm!)
And dinner at the Sundried Tomato is never complete without a delicous wine pairing.
(Pinot Grigio)

After dinner, Nick and I walked across the street to the Swallow's Inn.
We've lived here in San Juan Capistrano for 2 years now and we are literally walking distance from it and have NEVER gone!
It's a total dive bar with an awesome atmosphere.

There was hardly anyone there (it was a random Tuesday night...after Memorial Day), but even with no one there, we enjoyed having some drinks and playing the jukebox.
And we two stepped to Kenny Chesney's "Young"

We went home after having an awesome anniversary date night....
I came home where Nick set all this up in our backyard :-)
He put the flower arrangement together :-)
We put the baby to sleep, grabbed a blanket, and sat outside under the stars while talking and having a glass of wine...

What a lucky gal I am :-)


And here's my Memorial Day photos of the Princess...

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You have a beautiful family.

    BTW, visiting from Bright sunshine designs. She did my blog design too (although it's time for another makeover once she gets done with her move).

    Have a great weekend.


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