Monday, June 13, 2011

Car Obsession?

My worst of my worst faults is my slight obsession with new cars.
It doesn't help that my dad has the same obsession. 
In my 11 years of driving, I have never owned a car for longer than 2 years.
Thanks to my upbringing though, I am a pretty financially savvy person.
People think I'm completely broke with all these vehicle swaps I do, but I'm FAR from it.
I recently was called by the Mercedes dealership asking me if I wanted to turn my car in.
See...apparently, my car was in high demand as a used vehicle, and the dealership was running LOW.
They offered me ANOTHER brand new car and a better deal.
I told them I didn't want a 2011 in the same model (the one I had was a 2010).
I wanted a sedan...with lower payments and better gas mileage.
I had a GLK 350 (see below)

 I got this car right before Dannika was born cause I thought I needed a "family" car.
But I was wrong.
All this car did was suck up gas and drain my bank account with payments.


This is the new one~!
The 2011 C300!
I <3 it!

And here are my two favorite people washing it for me and making it all puurdy!


  1. Oh! I understand your Car Obsession because I used to be, Hana R. And I am also finding a sedan with lower payments and better gas mileage.

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  3. Useful information. Lucky me I discovered your site by chance, It’s really inspiring reading blogs like this! All together we can do it, protect the environment and reduce pollution from cars.

  4. Your GLK 350 very great! I love its color - black! So strong. Perhaps I should buy a car like yours for my small family!


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