Monday, June 20, 2011

Mullets and Father's Day

What a weekend it has been!
I didn't want to take away from my Father's Day post for my dad so I decided to wait a day to post about my exciting fun-filled weekend!

You're also probably wondering what Mullets and Father's Day have in common :-)

So the Tango Battery Wives {past and present minus Sarah :-( } and [1] 3/5 Wife (Miss Kari) decided we were long overdue for a "Girls Night In".
Lindsey's husband has been in the field so her house seemed like the perfect place.
Nick and Becca's husband were "volunTOLD" to be on baby duty (aka Call of Duty, grilling, and watching the kids play).
Needless to say, we are quite a cOLoRfUL group of "Ladies". 
I'll let you be the judge.
So here we are from [L] to [R]:
Kari, Me, Becca, and Lindsey (not pictured: Victoria and Sarah)

 Oh Lindsey....crazy Lindsey. She and I are going to see Britney in concert together!

We busted out the wigs....and decided to talk like rednecks while taking shots of Tequila and Sprite.

Oh yes...I believe they were singing "Tequila Makes her Clothes Fall Off"

Don't act like you've never seen an asian blonde before.
 She told me to I posed.

 Beautiful girls

These two...would you believe Kari is the most wonderful mom to a precious 6 month old? 

 Self portraits with photobooth

 I had to do the asian "Peace" sign

 Too Funny

Every girl needs a little girl time

This is what Becca and I came home too.
Like Father Like Daughter.

So the next day was Father's Day.
I was so worried I was going to wake up feeling like poo poo, but thank God I didn't!
Our family started our day with church, and listened to the most awesome sermon about being a father.
Afterwards, I sent think on his way to Burke Williams Spa to get his first massage and spa treatment EVER!
I also wanted to give him a break from Dannika and I.
It was a nice change.
Dannika and I went shopping, bought Nick a couple things from the mall, and headed home to cook a fabulous dinner for him.

The Menu?
Chicken Breast stuffed with ricotta and spinach baked on a bed of whole wheat noodles topped with tomato sauce.
Baked artichoke stuffed with a homemade gorgonzola cheese cream seasoned with breadcrumbs
a homemade garlic soy mayonaisse dipping sauce for the artichokes.

Thanks for being such a wonderful Father to Dannika.
Thanks for not being afraid to be "Mr. Mom" (like all the other wives call you).
Thanks for loving us unconditionally.
Thanks for being you.
I think I pretty much summed up in my card to you what I think...but as always...
"We have our secrets." :-)
Happy Father's Day, Nick! 
You really are a "Super Dad"!

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