Friday, June 17, 2011

A Simple Text

A simple text message my husband got today from his old "4th hat" from the drill field meant the world to him, and made him realize it was Marines like him that got him to where he was today....

"It was real good seeing you today Chief. It really made me remember why I became a Drill Instructor & how you trained me to realize it's more to it than just yelling. you taught me to have passion and heart in everything I do from IT to cadence and that's why I'm where I'm at today. I owe it all to you & (you) damn well deserve GySgt and 1Sgt. You never know we could be back here as 1Sgts destroying bodies like old times. in my eyes, you will always be "The Chief Drill Instructor" thanks GySgt...." (Nick is not even a GySgt yet) 

GySgt Collins was a SSgt when Nick was on the drill field. 
When Nick saw him today, he stood at parade rest for Nick (who is now a rank lower than him), and called him Chief.

That's the kind of Marine Nick is.
He demands respect wherever he goes and gets it.
He's hard yet fair to his Marines.
He doesn't play favorites.
He is ALWAYS professional...
and most importantly...
He genuinely loves his job and every single one of his Marines and the Marines that take care of him.

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