Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WOD'ing and Fashion

Crossfit is fun.
The difference in my body since I have been doing crossfit is INCREDIBLE!
I get better abs and better toned arms doing 10-20 minutes of Crossfit a day than I did running 6-10 miles per day....on top of spin classes....and ridiculous amounts of cardio.
I wish I woulda known about Crossfit sooner in my career as a Marine. 
I probably wouldn't have this degenerative knee issue, and I could probably finish my time in the Corps and EAS on schedule (EAS=End of Active Service).
Nick has been working on his handstand...eventually wanting to be able to do a proper Crossfit handstand push up.
 SO Strong

 Look at this handsome guy :-)

Another awesome thing I love about Crossfit is that Dannika can join us...
Well...she plays outside while we work out....
Right in the comfort of our cozy home.
And she likes to help daddy make his workouts more challenging...

And of course...
Our FASHIONISTA is at it again...
This time she chose mismatched crazy socks and a diaper...

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