Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dannika's Sweet Shoppe

She's....{T-W-O}.. (insert tear).
Well...she turned two, four days ago....
But her Birthday Party was it makes it official.
 It was FUUUN!
We had so many treats, food, and fun.
Dannika is SO blessed to have so many awesome people care about her so much.
A lot of our guests drove pretty far to see her...
Especially the Choe Family! They came all the way from Menifee!!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!

This year I decided to do a Sweet Shoppe theme for Dannika's Birthday party.
Basically a glucose overdose of candy, treats, and sweets!
If you didn't have diabetes before, you probably left my house today with it.

I was a total "Bridezilla" in party planner/mom form.
Poor Nick :-(

Thanks babe for putting up with me and doing all the running around for me to help me set the party up!
I was kind if a "witch" (with a b instead of a w).

I couldn't do much cause my knee is so messed up (I've been in the ER twice in the last 36 hours for it!).
I was stressing out over all the details...

So blessed to have such a superhero dad!

Here are the pics!

Enjoy them!

Baggies to fill with treats from 

Blow Pops!

Personalized water bottles

Her morning birthday outfit. Thanks Sarah and Ben for the Birthday Girl ribbon! She got all kinds of attention everywhere she went this morning!

We didn't do cake this year....we did SPRINKLES cupcakes! We live 20 minutes away from the World Famous Sprinkles!

The Birthday Girl's velvet of course!

The Official Birthday Suit...and daddy.

 Her Birthday Pin from her Godparents, Sarah and Ben

Pink Lemonade and REAL Southern Sweet Tea (Alabama/Texas style). People out here have no idea what real sweet tea is!!

My friend Kim makes the most AMAZING cake pops! They were a total hit!

Of course, Becca made Sarah's Chocolate caramel brownies!!!

Dannika is a total attention diva...she LOVED every moment we sang happy birthday to her...cause the attention was on her of course! haha.

Tearin' it up!


  1. First things first, I love your header. Next, I love the picture of your daughter and husband. So adorable. Happy Birthday to her! It looks like you put together a great birthday party for her! Stopping by from the blog hop!

  2. I saw your link on the military blog hop and boy am I glad I clicked on it :) Your daughter is extremely cute! Plus the birthday party looks like it was wonderful. I hope you all had a great time :) You have a new follower!

  3. What an awesome party and beautiful birthday girl! Did you make the water bottle labels yourself? New follower from the military monday blog hop! I would love for you to stop by to say hi & return follow! :)

  4. @About A Mom

    I did make the water bottle labels myself! So easy to do!


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