Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I came to the realization a LONG time ago that Nick and I have a marriage that will never be "normal".
I think it is safe to say that we have a pretty unique set of circumstances.
I am always prepared for the unexpected.
It didn't come as a surprise to me when I found out that Nick was going to the field on Dannika's Birthday.
I was a little crushed since he missed her 1st Birthday (he was in Afghanistan and you can read all about it here).
But as always, us Marines..{and Marine Wives} are tough...
So I "sucked" it up.
Dannika's big birthday party isn't till this Saturday, but I still wanted her day today to be special.
We started with breakfast this morning at Starbucks.
She loves chocolate milk, and I never let her have it. 
I got her a chocolate milk at Starbucks and a glazed donut.
She was in {{heaven}}

My day today at worked dragged on more than usual.
I just couldn't wait to go home and celebrate with my little lady.
Just the two of us...just like last year.
Her favorite food is mac and cheese so that's what she had for dinner.
I bought a small red velvet cake from the store on the way home from work for her to blow her candles out from.


I actually contemplated on giving her to whole cake, but the cake is HUGE so I cut her two tiny slices.

She DESTROYED her cake!

So at the end of the day...
It was a nice quiet day.
I spoiled her with sweets and gave her lots of lovin' (not that she doesn't get enough when it's NOT her Birthday!)

No sappy letter to  you here, Dannika Jane.
You know we love you.
You know we're so proud of you.
And you DEFINITELY know we think you're beautiful in every aspect of the word.

Happy Birthday, Dannika Jane...now please slow down a little with the growing up.
I kinda like you little...

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