Monday, July 18, 2011

Her {FIRST} Car

Nick and I bought Dannika a Powerwheels for her birthday this year.
Dannika's MaMaw sent her a birthday check, and we used towards her birthday gift (thanks MaMaw!)

My first car (@ 16) was a new, shiny, red Mustang.
Nick's first TRUCK (@ 16) was a 1967 Chevy Truck.

So this is our conflict.
I'm a Ford Girl...
He's a Chevy Man...

We let Dannika choose between the hot pink Barbie Mustang and the bright yellow Camaro SS....

No one ever denied the fact that she is a Daddy's Girl...

She chose...

They Chevy... *siiigh*

Nick took her out after work today to test drive it.
She was having a blast!

She even waved "bye bye" to me as she was driving away.
I got a little emotional...
Lord help me when she is REALLY driving away and saying "bye bye"....

Look at those HOT rims!

Parked right next to Mommy's car in the garage.

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  1. Hey, Hana, your present is so sweet. I love both of them, the pretty car and your little boy.


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