Monday, July 11, 2011

The Last Day...

As a ONE year old {tear}

Remember this little girl?
This was taken on July 12, 2009 at 1227am.

Now she is this little girl...
just a few weeks shy of turning 2...

People tell me ALL THE TIME...
"They grow up so fast!"
I've always nodded and agreed and went about my day.
It never really hit me until these last few weeks.

Looking back, it really feels like just a few months ago when I was pregnant!
Now I have this beautiful little toddler on my hands.
She keeps my world full of good surprises.
She keeps me on my toes.
She reminds me to breathe.
She reminds me to enjoy life.
And she is a constant reminder of the love that I have for Nick.

She turns 2 tomorrow.
"The Terrible Twos" as some people call it...
But not to me.
It's the "Exciting Twos".
I'm excited to see what new things she discovers.
What new things she learns.
And what new life she'll bring to our lives.


I was totally upset today that Nick had to work super late.
Not cause he HAD to...
But because he has Marines that work for him that can't follow simple instructions.
I was even MORE upset at the fact that Nick will be in the field tomorrow for Dannika's ACTUAL Birthday.
I wanted tonight to be special.
Her "pre-Birthday Bash".
When I found out he was running late, I ordered pizza and tried to stay positive.
I made cinnamon oatmeal cookies for Dannika to take to all her friends at daycare.
We had our own little pizza/baking party.
I knew Nick felt horrible...

But as always...
He's a Superdad...
And he came to the rescue...

He stopped by the grocery store on his way home and got her an ice cream cake and a princess balloon!
Tomorrow, we're going over to Kim's house to celebrate with Kanoa and Devon since BOTH of our hubby's are in the field...
Her party is on Friday....
3 Birthday Celebrations...
What a lucky girl!

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  1. What a great mother, wife, and Marine you are!! I am proud to know you.


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