Sunday, July 24, 2011

Orange County Fair

The OC Fair is in town :-)
While I was given strict doctor's orders to stay off of my knee this weekend....
I didn't listen :-(

I just HATE wasting a weekend not doing anything with my family.

Time spent with my family is precious.
Nick has started training for his upcoming deployment to Afghanistan which means lots of time in the field away from home...
So when he does have a weekend at home, we try and make the best of it...

I'm done rambling...

The OC Fair was A-MAZING...
I'll let you just judge by the pics I managed to take.

For some reason, Dannika was scared to death of the carousel.

So her and daddy rode on the bench :-(

I've always wanted to try one of those giant turkey legs that they have at the fair...I was disappointed. It was not tasty...just big, but at least now I can die saying that I tried a large turkey leg from the fair

Dannika enjoyed the petting zoo...she almost got her finger eaten off by a goat!

We went on the ski lift ride that takes you over the fair.
 I'm scared to death of heights, but not this brave little girl...
 She was waving hi to everyone down below. I sat there scared out of my mind. I was sweating so bad cause I was scared!

We took Dannika on her first roller coaster ride with Daddy. I didn't think it would be scary, but when it started moving I realized it moved really fast! Dannika was saying "weee!" the whole time until the last time it went around. By then she was yelling, "mommmyyy!"

I LOVE unhealthy fair food. I had a giant turkey leg, a giant dill pickle, a bubblegum flavored snow cone, deep fried kool aid (yes...kool aid...and it was AMAZING!), and Nick tried deep fried Snickers....which was equally as amazing as the kool aid. 

 Nick and his deep fried Snickers bar.

Dannika with all her toys we won her playing games.

The snow cones were AMAZING. Nick had "Tiger's blood" snow cone (in honor of Charlie Sheen...haha), and I had bubblegum. 

We spent 3 hours at the fair, but afterwards, I PAID FOR IT!
My knee was swollen, huge, throbbing and red...
But it was worth it :-)

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