Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Party Like It's 1999!

Everyone loves a long weekend!
I always look forward to the extra time I get to spend time with my family and the chance to relax and take a break from our hectic, busy lives.
Well this weekend was WAY different than most long weekends!
It was just a non-stop party for the Romers, and let me just say as I am typing this on July 5th at 1317...
We are beyond....BEYOND exhausted!!!
The weekend started off with a wedding in San Diego for our good friends Victoria and Gavin.
Nick was a groomsman and was also a part of the sword arch.
The wedding was absolutely beautiful and way too much fun!

Our friend Steve's parents were visiting from Missouri and graciously volunteered to watch our baby for us.
Nick and I got to really have some fun....
too much fun...
Like...we haven't partied that hard since we were 21? (we're almost 28 now).
Open bar for the whole reception...then a crazy night out at the gaslamp at the Whiskey Girl.
It's a night I think I'll remember for the rest of my life!
It was crazy, a little ridiculous, and SO FUN!
 Nick dancing with the bride. It looked like they had choreographed this dance and practiced.

 Doing the "Sprinkler". I believe by this point, people cleared the dance floor to make room for my husband and the bride.

Nick marching the sword detail out.

The day after the wedding, Nick and I went over to the Gilbert's house to go swimming and grill some ribs with Melissa, her boyfriend Mike, Jeff, and some of his friends.
We were so exhausted from partying, and it was really nice to relax in the pool.
Dannika had such a blast swimming!
I wish I had my camera to take pictures, but I was still delusional and probably slightly intoxicated from the night before.

Our 4th of July was awesome.
It was even more special cause we got to spend it with all of our Marine friends.
It was nice to have them home this year for the 4th and not deployed.
And of course....
The wonderful Digirolomo's hosted the 4th of July BBQ at their house.
Great food, great people, and of course booze...
Ugh...why do I never learn my lesson...lol.

I hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend!
Until next time...
My 4th of July pin up girl.

She's yelling "Jackson!"

Oh our children are silly.

The beautiful Becca

 Dannika's godmother flew out from Pensacola! Sarah was a part of the wedding, and Dannika was very excited to see her again. It's like she had never left. Dannika remembered her right away!

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