Friday, August 5, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge-Day 4


7* To be home with my daughter all day everyday and never miss a single moment of her childhood. I hate that I spend more time at work than I do with my sweet pea
6* Get out of the Marine Corps. It was fun until I became a mother. Now, I'm so over it, and it's just not fun anymore.
5* Move back to College Station, Texas and buy my dream house with a HUGE backyard. I love California, but it's not my idea of where I wanted to raise my family. I love the simplicity of Texas and people that are from there. It's home to me.
4* Finish college.
3* Nick to not deploy anymore. It's a want...doesn't mean it'll happen. It's a nice thought though.
2* To be able to run again like I used to. I don't think my knees are getting any better though.
1* To live happily ever after with no more war, deployments, sadness, separations, or bills. Perfect place? Non existent on earth, but it's nice to think about. I know heaven will be perfect.

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  1. I love your #1 want. It's utopia for everyone!


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