Sunday, August 7, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge-Day 6


^5^ Dr. Rick's Salad from the Sundried Tomato. O-M-G, it is a salad to die for. It's spinach leaves tossed in some sort of vinaigrette topped with walnuts, sauteed mushrooms, and prosciutto stuffed with goat cheese. My friend Kim introduced me to this salad when Nick was in Afghanistan...and fell in LOVE.

^4^ Freebird's World Burrito in College Station. Everyone in California talks about how much they love Chipotle, but there is absolutely NO comparison. When people tell me how good Chipotle is, I secretly think in my head "You've never been to Texas to have a real burrito".

^3^ the "Oh No! Roll" from Taka-O Sushi. It is their signature roll. I can't even tell you what it consists of, but the secret sauce it comes in is AMAZING. Nick and I go there JUST for that roll.
^2^ Zenko's Sushi's lobster roll. This is kind of a hole in the wall sushi joint in Mission Viejo. They have this lobster roll, and it's basically a California roll topped with lobster and some sort of cheese sauce (actually, I'm not sure if it's a cheese sauce, but it's freaking DELISH!).
^1^ My mom's Korean BBQ. Hands down, the best I've ever had. I'm not just saying this cause she's my mom either! I've had Korean BBQ in all kinds of places, people's houses, and even in South Korea, but my mom's is hands down the absolute beeeeeest!

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