Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bad Fashion and Cheap Wine

I always knew that the man who could put up with my craziness would be the one to marry.
So when I met Nick, I knew in an instant that this guy was the one for me.
Here's why (in no particular order):

1. When I suggested on a Wednesday (or maybe it was that Monday??) that we fly to Vegas THAT Friday night to get married and fly back Saturday so he could make it to work on time....he agreed.

2. After talking about and anticipating the Sex and the City movie for WEEKS, he agreed to take me...even though he fell asleep snoring during the middle of it (I blame the fact that he was up with recruits all evening and not cause the movie was boring)

3. In an effort to impress me on our first date, he bought 2 bottles of "good wine". As he presented me with the bottle, his exact words were "I know you're a wino, so I got us some wine"....guess what kind it was?? Lambrusco....might as well be Boone's Farm....but the thoughtfulness was so adorable...I drank it all :-)

4. He was always bringing home some spectacular art project that his recruits were forced volunteered to do for him. Like range flags and cover blocks that were elaborately painted with "Oorah Marine Corps" stuff all over it. I told him I was jealous, and the following week, he had forced asked his recruits to paint me a footlocker. It was the "recruiters' footlocker" complete with red blood stripe, Iwo Jima Scene, and my MOS's ordnance wings painted on it.

5. The year I won Rookie Recruiter of the year, I was going to be called up in front of my whole command to receive an award. He wanted me to look my best...and while I chose to take a 2 hour nap before the ball, he spent the ENTIRE 2 hours IP'ing my uniform for me and ironing it.

6. When I went into labor at my house and was screaming in agony on my bathroom floor...I asked him to please call an ambulance cause I couldn't get up. He told me to "quit being so dramatic" and forced me to get up and walk the painful 50 feet to my car. He taught me that I have a much higher pain tolerance than I thought with this experience....

7. His impeccable fashion sense. Like the Doc Martens that he had for like 8 years before I made him he got rid of them. Or the time he took my daughter to daycare in a hot pink dress with white polka dots on it and black leggings with silver horizontal stripes on it....with light pink mary janes....yeah.......

8. He is quite the handy man. When he was putting our daughter's nursery furniture together, he put the changing table together completely backwards and had the disassemble the entire thing and reassemble it. It only took 4 hours. (lol) No but in reality, he REALLY is handy. He did our entire kitchen backsplash himself, he tiled our backyard, he fixes cars, he hooks up electronics...he's a man alright....and he's allllll mine.

So the list could go on and on, but I thought I'd spare you the long reading. 
I guess the point of this is...
I love the guy I married...through our ups and downs, lefts and rights, good times and in bad times, sickness and in health...

Today is his special day, but I figured I'd just let y'all know exactly why he's so special :-)

Happy Birthday to the "hippest' dad on the block and to the sexiest 28 year old in this house (until I turn 28...of course) ;-)

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