Sunday, August 7, 2011

Catch Up on LIFE!

Hope y'all are enjoying reading my 10 day YOU Challenges!
It's been a lot of fun for me to do and it makes me think...
And for those of you who want to know a little more about "yours truly", it's a fun little challenge!
This weekend has been busy busy for the Romers. 
Dannika has been feeling a little under the weather this last week cause she's teething.
Did you know...
For some poor moms (and daddies) out there, it takes up to 5 MONTHS for two year molars to come in?!?

Someone just stab me in the eye with a fork now, please!

Her molars haven't even broken gum yet!
This has been my poor sick baby all week.

Saturday, she was feeling a LOT better so Nick and I decided to make a trip to the petting zoo.
There's a neat little petting zoo called Zoomars right by our house.
She had a blast :-)

 This is a billy goat that befriended Nick. Dannika was less than thrilled :-(

and lastly...

Nick and I went to a wedding 4th of July weekend for our friends V and G :-)
They finally got their professional photos in, so I wanted to share some of my faves!
I'll do some explaining under each pic
Meet Mrs. beautiful photog friend and mom to the most handsome little boy ever. I believe she had just a "few" glasses of champagne in this pic and I may or may not have had just a "couple" Dirty Shirleys.

This was our table at the reception...AKA...the Party table. And the beautiful bridesmaid in the yellow would be Dannika's Godmother :-)

Nick met G (the groom in the middle) at work. He was Nick's XO before he moved on to work at MCRD where Nick used to work! Him and his wife have become really good friends of ours since Nick checked into Tango Battery.

They don't make them any more handsome than this...especially the guy on the right...but I'm slightly biased since that's my man and all.

How often does the Battery Gunny get to "IT" his XO?! Classic pic.

Nick was telling a dirty joke and was taken by surprise when the photographer caught him...tsk tsk, honey!

The sword detail. Sleep well America...we got your back.

And lastly...I love this pic of Nick dancing with the bride. I swear the dance was rehearsed prior to the wedding. They just kinda went with it and was doing all kinds of crazy dance moves to include: the Sprinkler, the Lawnmower, the cabbage patch kid...just to name a few. Definitely a highlight of the night.

So I hope y'all enjoyed that picture overload. 
Hope everyone had a fab weekend.
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  1. I love the pictures! I love a man in uniform.

  2. @WhisperingWriter

    they're pretty sexy...and wonderful, aren't they?!

  3. Hi calling by via VB. I am now following. Love Military Men. My dad was in the Australian Navy where he was cook. I always thought I actually should have joined but never got round to doing it. Hope it gets better for you with your daughter and her teeth. Be sure to come by and say hi and join my Making Goals Monday Blog Hop Sarah

  4. Hi, visiting from vb - nice to meet you! I hope Dannika is feeling better, cute pics though. Lovely wedding photos, yes, nothing more picturesque than a military wedding! My hub is ret Army so sending a big hug to you and 'thank you' to your hub and his gang for all the service.

  5. what wonderful pics! thanks for sharing :)

  6. What great photos!!! I've never been to a military wedding.
    I'll see you on VoiceBoks.

  7. Those are some great photos. They will bring back memories years later. Teething is so rough for the little ones. I feel so bad for them. Thanks for sharing a small part of your weekend. Stopping by from VB now following.

  8. Hi! Your wee one is adorable! :-) We keep trying to get out to a petting zoo, but haven't found the time yet, lol. Hey, new GFC follower popping by from VoiceBoks. I hope you have great week!
    P.S.--I LOVE you blog design! It's so cut! :-D

  9. (Can't spell today--"your," not "you," and "cute," not "cut." Lol. :-)


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