Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Another Sunday.

My favorite sound this weekend was Dannika calling "Daddyyyy! Daddyyy!" like EVERY 10 minutes. 
She is such a daddy's girl...and I KNOW most mothers say this about their daughters, but Miss Dannika takes it to a whole new extreme.
*ok so that was my totally random thought for today*
We spent ALL day Saturday at our friend, Kim's parent's house in Santa Ana for Sunny and Kanoa's Hawaiian themed joint Birthday bash!
It was so much fun, and I can't wait till Kim posts the pictures from it!
Spending all day out in the sun and in the water wore Dannika out! She was out by 7 (and we left at 6:45 in the evening), and didn't wake up till 9am this morning!!!!!!!!!

Sundays are normally our errands, groceries, and family day, and we did just that!
Nick washed my car for me today...what a sweetheart :-)

Dannika even helped! Actually, she just spent the day playing with the waterhose while daddy worked really hard.

While I was cooking dinner, Nick took Dannika outside to go for a spin in her canary yellow Chevy Camaro :-)
Check out those chrome rims....

She felt super cool...she has navigation in that thing :-)

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