Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Potty

Nick and I have not officially started potty training yet.
You can read about our views on potty training here (just click under "Dr. Shannon's Recommendations - Potty Watching).
I have very strong opinions about potty training, but I feel every parent has their own way of doing things.
This is straight from our pediatrician whom we absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!
I wish he was my doctor.

The most we've done is take her to the bathroom with us everytime Nick or I go and just sit her on her potty with her diaper on and let her watch and learn.

Well today...

She went #2 in her potty!

all by herself.

She just told Nick, "poo poo"
So Nick took her diaper off...she sat on her potty and did her business.
No struggles.
No rewards.
She just simply went where she was supposed to.
Closed the lid...and used her potty as a stool to brush her teeth....

Did I mention, we did no formal potty training?
Oh and she just turned 2.

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  1. Wow. I'm am a little jealous. We aren't quite at that stage yet. She is very smart, and cute!


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